24 Hour VIP Experience

Total immersion...

Have you ever wanted to live as a girl for a whole day?  Well now is your chance with our 24hr extravaganza

Arrive at 10am for coffee/tea and a chat about how you’d like the day to progress. From 10am – 5pm we can have multiple outfit changes with photographs, or perhaps you would like a shopping trip, or a bit of both? Lunch and Champagne is included.  With my vast wardrobe you can try different styles from secretary, 1950’s, boudoir, maid, fetish (I do have a fetish studio), or perhaps we could concentrate on getting your look just right. The day is yours to bring out the girl within or try completely new ideas you may have.

We stop for a breather and then the evening is a more cosy affair from 7pm till 11pm or maybe later. A three course dinner with myself or if you’d like another T Girl, I can invite one of my friends.  Endless chat about the why’s and wherefors of why do we dress’, or make up tips, just girlie chat. (No politics allowed). Then to bed! We have just refurbished our ensuite guest room where you can just relax at the end of an amazing day. I have lots of lingerie, nightwear in silks and satins, where you can just lie back and reflect on what will be an amazing day and evening. Just sink into bed and have girlie dreams wearing a beautiful nightgown.

Please note if you wish to go out for lunch this is included in the cost. However if you wish to eat out or go to a bar, then you will need to pay for yourself. Staying in, dinner is included in the cost.

The morning you will probably be greeted by our little Chateau Femme Angels (resident pups) Jack and Twix. Before leaving with a breakfast of your choice to send you on your way. You will also have a memory stick with your pictures looking glamorous and beautiful, a great reminder of this special time at Chateau Femme. I think this is as good as it gets!


Days Start at 10.00am and finish 9.30am the following day. I provide everything.

Cost: £780

Duo: £550 per person