Dressing Service

Everything you need...

Clothing, as they say, makes the woman. However, with such a vast array of clothing and styles out there, your wardrobe has to be endlessly expanding to cope with the current fashion trends...

I pride myself to say that my wardrobe is without parallel in the South of England. My clothes fill three rooms and an attic for shoes. I can cover all sizes from dress size 8 to 28 and shoe sizes 4-13.

My wardrobe constantly evolves as I add new items and sell others to girls that just cannot be parted with that certain item of clothing they wore with me. They always say stand still and the world will pass you by, so it is vital that I scour shops and the internet to provide new and different ideas for my regulars. That retro 50’s swing dress, the latest leather pencil skirt, that revealing bandage dress, those pretty pumps and thigh high boots, oh so many things to cover. And don’t forget the accoutrements, the bag, the gloves, the jewellery all have all got to be perfect.

Shapewear is also vital for achieving that perfect feminine form and I have over 200 items of corsetry, body-formers, breastforms and enhancers to aid you achieve your look. The shape is a vital part of a look for any woman and being able to create that delicious figure of 8 look is just as important a consideration. Some girls never get past this stage!

Then there is the lingerie. Wow what a minefield we enter here. Let me be your guide into the most intimate erotic part of dressing allowing you to experience fully fashioned stocking, soft sensual tights, those frilly knickers or the restricting G-string. The possibilities are endless.

I also understand that a dressing is not just about one look, so many new girls want to try on different styles in order to achieve their ‘look’. You have to be able to experience several combinations so that’s why I do have a minimum time of 3 hours allowing you at least 3 complete changes should you want.

If you prefer to do your own make-up then opting for a dressing only service is ideal and it gives you plenty of time to try things on in private and explore many of the new ideas you may have to transform yourself.

What happens on the day?

Well I normally start with offering a nice cup of tea or coffee! For new girls, this gives us time for a chat and get to know a little about each other. For my regular girls, is a time to catch up on news etc.

When the appointment is made I have already asked the type of outfits you would like to try such as secretary, sexy, maid, fetish etc….. so upstairs in the wardrobe room I will have an array of the type of outfits you would like to try. (A rule of thumb is that if we ‘go’ for it, we can normally do one costume change per hour).

We go to the ‘wardrobe room’ and between us we decide the actual outfits we are going to try. I have everything you need. I will have lingerie, stocking, suspenders and a silk gown ready for you on the bed. I shall leave you alone to change then next door I have my make up studio.

I then give you a full make over including false eyelashes and nails. We then ‘ditch’ the robe and we get you dressed. After being fully attired with some bling to compliment the outfit, we then come to the crowning glory of the wig.

Once you are fully feminized I then allow you to look at yourself in the mirror. This is my favourite part. If at this juncture there is something you do not like… then I never take offence, we just change it!

Now we come to the ‘posing’ bit. I tend to use mirrors so you can see yourself at all times. A RG stands differently to a boy... I will show you how to stand, sit, tilt the head etc. As previously stated we can do numerous costume changes.

At the end of our time together, I will download all the pictures onto a memory stick for you. Rest assured I will also make certain you leave here without a trace of make up!

This is such a fun pastime, am sure you will love it as much as I do.


Dressing service including make up, wigs, nails eyelashes plus a wide choice from my extensive wardrobe or bring your own special outfits.

I will take as many photographs as I can within the time we have together and put them on a memory stick to take away as a reminder for you.

Full Day (7 Hours including lunch and bubbles): £525 (normally 10am till 5pm) (approx 7 outfit changes)

3 hours: £270  (approx. 3 outfit changes)

4 hours: £320 (approx. 4 outfit changes)

5 hours: £400 (approx. 5 outfit changes)

6 hours: £450 (approx 6 outfit changes)

Please Note!
I ALWAYS REQUIRE A £200 DEPOSIT TO HOLD OUR APPOINTMENT (NON REFUNDABLE) payable by Paypal, BACS, Credit/Debit Card, Postal Order or Cash through the post.